Naevius Rowarke

Mind Cleansed Penal Legionnaire turn Malfian Bloodsworn


Nevin has given himself a new first name to create an intimidating and reputable image

Sex: Male Age: Mid-30s Build: Svelte Height: 6’1" (1.85m)
Skin: Fair Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Weight: 154lbs (70kg)
Path: Guardsman Rank: 6th Exp: 0:6350 Handedness: Right

Quirks: Warts, acquilla tattoo on the back of his head and a missing ring finger on his left hand, missing ear
Background: Tranch War Veteran
Career: Penal Legioniare, Guard, Saboteur, Sergeant, Malfian Bloodsworn, Assault Veteran
Elite: Survivor of the Red Cages, Sanction Warden


WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel W F8 IP CP Psy
39 37 43 37 41 26 34 30 26 13 3 27 8 -


Failsafe Control Through a Mirror Darkly Engram Implantation Imperial Conditioning Suffer the Witch


Melee Weapon (Primitive) Thrown Weapon (Primitive) Pistol Weapon (Las, SP) Basic Weapon (Las, SP)
Arms Master Concealed Cavity Jaded Hatred (Mutants)
Light Sleeper Nerves of Steel Quick Draw Resistance (Fear)
Street Fighting Takedown Step Aside Blade Master

Suvival & Common Lore (Tech) are basics

Awareness+20 Chem-Use Climb Concealment+20
Deceive Demolition+20 Disguise Dodge+10
Drive (Walker) Intimidate+10 Literacy Medicae
Pilot (Military Craft) Search+10 Security +10 Shadowing
Silent Move Speak (Low Gothic) Swim Tracking+20

There are very few clues to his past. From what could be gathered it is only evident he had gone through some sort of head treatment before he was sent into the penal legion. With no record of his crime, origin or the source of his sentence it is very likely his name is only an alias.

Early reports showed he suffered sever mental regression before miraculously recovering with retrograde-amnesia and acute episodic post-traumatic stress disorder. He had apparently been nurtured into combat readiness under the tutelage of an inmate named Vixen, who is unofficially killed in action and is now also under investigation.

His legion has seen military action at Tranch carrying out raids using typically unorthodox methods that dwindled their numbers. They were eventually wiped out in a suspicious incident on what inadvertantly became their last mission. As the last surviving member the massacre has placed an obvious strain on his sanity, having forgotten the face of his former caretaker as well as some important details of the mission itself.

Since then he has been released from the legion and transferred to serve under the wing of Inquisitor Lancsard as an acolyte of the Inquisition.

Notable Possessions

Skull Charm
Legionaires are usually stripped of any personal possessions. This exception had been an irremovable ring until a knife fight seperated his finger. Now the relic of his forgotten past hangs on a neck chain over-shadowed by an explosive collar.

Chip of Tank Tread
Medical scans has detected a soild mass imbedden in his head presumably before his induction. It is only conjecture that it’s shapnel, but whatever it is, it is likely to be the cause of his mercifully rare seizures and is probably too dangerous to remove.

.54 Tranter Hand Cannon aka “Vixen”
Picked up in his last theatre of war he describes it as a temperamental weapon for which he has named rather appropriately after his former carer.

Bloodsworn Charter in the form of a Ring
Awarded for the successful completion of the Grey Warrant: the retrieval of the Beyonda family heirloom from and the execution of Casto Stunage.

Naevius Rowarke

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