In Service of the Throne

Sessions 11-12

Grey Warrant

Task: Investigate resurgent Cult of Pure Form on Malfi.
Objective Primus: Try to uncover how the group is funded and who current leaders are.

Travel on merchantman Spirit of St Drusus. Arrive Malfi Prime Spaceport 0025/4.561.816.M41.

Contact with Chr. A Plurus, Granaio District, Hive Primus.

Acolyte Rowarke makes contact with Malfian Blood Guild at Dalmer’s Military Antiques, Granaio District. Issued with Grey Warrant for Krasto Stounage, stipulating recovery of cybernetic arm belonging to Bionda family. Blood Guild charter provides suitable cover for Rowarke and access to local resources re: Cult of Pure Form.

Travel with Civil Defence caravan to Arteria Fort 793, Aerrugo salvage zone . Continue on foot to co-ordinates 56.7.38, “The Sink”. Sign on with Krasto’s work gangs in Ragtown. Fellow worker known only as “Bomber” notes The Sink is man-made, most likely result of underground explosion. Bomber claims service in the Civil Defence Pioneer Corps as a combat engineer.

Observe work for several days, hear stories about a stasis pod recovered in recent past and Intrusions by rival work gangs from the Iron Mission, located on the eastern ridge. Krasto angered by intrusions. Workers also speak of sermons which preach against cybernetics, indicating possible allegiance with Cult of Pure Form.

Missionary captured by Krasto’s men during sermon, exact circumstances unclear. Captive stripped and taken to Krasto for questioning.

Evidence of capture including chap book taken by Acolyte Doptera to Iron Mission. Convinces leader, Brother Kerst, to mount attack on Krasto’s holdings. Use attack as cover to infiltrate Krasto’s headquarters. Krasto Stounage summarily executed as per Blood Guild regulations and cybernetic arm bearing Bionda crest recovered.

Stay and assist Iron Mission following battle with Krasto’s men. Mission annexes Ragtown and caravenserai on western ridge. Our group continues to observe Mission in following days to establish possible connection to Cult of Pure Form.

Acolyte Doptera reveals herself as a member of the Adeptus Sororitas in order to deepen trust with Brother Kerst. Allows Acolyte Doptera to observe the ritual cleansing of a devotee, which culminates in the removal of extensive cybernetic prostheses. Acolytes allowed to assist medicus but the devotee expires during procedure. Ascertain that reclaimed cybernetics are being held in safe before destruction.

Purging ceremony held, with Acolyte Rowake preparing thermite. Attempts to verify contents of crate are inconclusive.

Gain access to foreman’s office and safe. Cybernetics absent, but gain documents including letters to Brother ?. Discover shipment of salvage being sent out later that evening. Investigate a truck, before contents can be verified. Acolyte Rowarke and Doptera procure Brother Kerst for further questioning and leave for the Arteria fort. Loaded truck heads onto arteria and travels for several hours. During transit verify contents of crate as cybernetic components. Vox position to Rowarke. Salvage exchanged with Sister of the Order Hospitaller and loaded onto waiting lighter. Mission receive several crates of pharmacia in exchange.

Rejoin Rowarke and Doptera, before taking Brother Kerst to secure location for further questioning.



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