In Service of the Throne

Session 7

Deals by Twilight

After a period of healing, the Acolytes return to Scintilla from Quaddis. Inquisitor Lansard is waiting for them at the Semyeon estate to carry out a debriefing. They inform her of Vladimir Semyeon’s links to the Beast House and the machinations of the Pilgrims of Hayte before handing over the face of the Widower for storage or disposal.

Once the debriefing has concluded, Inquisitor Lansard hands Kadis a data-slate and informs her that she is now the inheritor of the Semyeon home under the guise of Lady Arcturus. She is to use the holding as a base of operations for the cell and must keep it secure and well-armed. To establish the cover a household and retinue needs to be maintained to which Kadis suggests that Illyeon and the pilgrims would make suitable additions. She also raises the question of Rowarke’s mental stability after his episode in transit. Lansard dismisses their concerns, stating that “What that man has survived would leave anyone a little touched.”

Lansard gives them a brief 24 hour rest before she returns with another mission briefing. The Acolytes are tasked with travelling to Clove, a minor hive world in the Hazeroth Abyss that has been suffering unprecedented rates of mutation and a spate of attacks on food stores. The group are to investigate the cause of this sudden surge in mutation, and whether it may be linked to a new drug called Twilight.

The group travels to Clove aboard The March of Drusus and meets with Lansard’s contact, Proctor-Specialist Bella Holtz of the Clove Special Division. They learn that Twilight has become a blight amongst the workers. The initial attacks on food stores mostly resulted in destruction rather than theft. Mutations have now spread to lower members of the supine classes. Policing resources are severely stretched as a large PDF contingent was committed to the Margin Crusade.

To begin their investigation she directs them to an area known as Gelt Square, a run-down trading bazaar close to the city’s railhead. Within Gelt Square Rowarke and Rathos go about ingratiating themselves with the local crime-lord Damas, and even save him when one of his Twilight stashes is attacked by a rival gang. Afterwards they strike a deal with Damas – he will provide them with a source of Twilight in return for the head of his hated rival Trinket…

XP Reward (Rowarke & Rathos 150, Kadis 50)



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