Ref: Admin/40965278600/TL
Author: Inditor Decimus
Attn: Inquisitor Lansard
Subject: Quaddis (OB/CAL/GR/33/73)

Planetary Data

Population: Unknown/Variable (resident population
estimated to be fewer than 5 million).
Tithe Grade: Colonial Exemption (planet not developed
to point of tithing)

Climate/Geography/Biosphere: Abundant flora, ideal
life sustaining conditions, few hazardous life forms other
than those introduced from off-world. Extensive tropical
equatorial region, with wild, uncultivated temperate zones
and saline seas covering the majority of the landmass.
Ice-bound Polar Regions. The only major settlement is
in the northern polar region (Xicarph—colonial centre of

Governmental Type: Colonial administration—Central
Authority Indefinitely Suspended

Planetary Governor: None (Last Colonial Governor
Regent — Thaddeus Haarlock [ref: Admin/896750098/GEN] circa 457-690. M41)
Adept Presence: Minor Adeptus Administratum and
Adeptus Ministorum presence. Note that due to its unique
history, Quaddis is adjudged not to be fully part of the
Imperium of Man nor subject to the full weight of its law.
Military: None except private vassals of the fief owners

Trade/Economy: None; Quaddis has no industry, has
nothing to trade, and has no basis for any economy other
than the intrinsic wealth of its masters.


In Service of the Throne Garmo