Population: Estimated 22 Billion
Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis
Special Notation: Regional Capital, Malfian Sub-Sector, Calixis Sector,
(Malfi II)

Geography/Demography: Hot/Temperate, abiding planetary climate is semitropical with a high degree of precipitation and storm activity. The planet’s central super-continual mass, which dominates 70% of its surface, was formerly jungle/rain forest zones ranging to an arid desert equatorial belt, with relatively small polar oceans. The natural landscape, however, has now largely been overwhelmed with diffuse laterally spread hive city urbanisation and industrial development (see subtype reference ‘Solar Hive’), giving way to ‘scav zones’ in arid desert regions. This single masshive structure is accessed through extensive ‘Arteria’ road and transit networks and is politically further subdivided into 1,243 administrative dominions under control of the Malfian nobility.

Governmental Type: Indigenous Hive Oligarchy (League of Patented Nobility, registering seventeen divisions of rank and title, composed of approximately three to four hundred recognised noble houses at any given time.)

Planetary Governor: Currently the Matriarch Eminence Glydus. The Malfian Matriarch/Patriarch is, by the Articles of Compliance put into effect by Warmaster Angevin, elected for a life term as Malfian Planetary Governor and Imperial Commander of the Malfian system with secondary authority over the system worlds of Gallowglass (Malfi V-c) and Borusa (Malfi VIII). The candidate for the role is brought forward by acclaim of the League.

Adept Presence: Strong/Extensive; all major Adeptus Terra are represented, tasked to duties centred on Malfi itself as a prominent hive world, and as the administrational nexus of the Malfian sub-sector. Notable inclusions feature full Astropathic Choir (sub-sector relay), extensive Imperial Guard mustering grounds/Departmento Munitorum storage depots, Battlefleet Calixis orbital station, and self-governing sub-sector Administratum citadel enclave.

Military: The Legion of Civil Protection (local PDF, low/poor), private armies held by the noble houses (large, elite and well equipped but widely scattered and under independent command). Also Malfi holds considerable numbers of mercenaries and bounty hunters which make Malfi their home (cross ref: Free Companies/Malfian Bloodsworn). Additionally highly violent indigenous culture and extensive nomadic criminal population in Malfi’s ‘scav-zones’ make for excellent Imperial Guard recruits when tithed.

Trade/Economy/Addendum: Malfi is home to the Calixis sector’s second-largest hive based economy after Scintilla,(although Scintilla’s output is considerably higher.) It is also the sub-sector production capital and primary exporter for finished goods, metalwork, manufactured materials and arms, as well as a major transhipping port with links across the Calixis sector and beyond. Malfi is a mass-importer of raw materials (particularly metallic ores) and food, and is incapable of feeding more than an estimated 20% of its population without imports from nearby agri-worlds such as Gallowglass.


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