The largest moon of Malfi and a site of great religious significance. Primarily regarded a shrine world, Gallowglass also produces large quantities of food for Malfi agoras. Produce of the moon accounts for approximately 4% of the Malfian diet. Also produces luxury goods including Lho from highland plantations.

Climate/Geography: Wet and temperate, with frequent rainfall. Single super continent, surrounded by approximately two hundred archipelagos of various sizes.

Capital: Port Marbord, population 640,000.

Military: Gendarmerie known as Titheguard, recognisable by their armoured greatcoats, acting as both enforcers and planetary defence force. Small contingent of Malfian Civil Defence Legionaries. Frateris Militia, with special dispensation to protect pilgrimage routes from Port Marbord.

Adepta: Administratum offices in Port Marbord. Adeptus Arbites precinct led by a Senior Proctor. Ubiquitious Ministorum presence, with innumerable temples and shrines across Gallowglass. Single contigent of Adeptus Mechanicus to maintain the aging Salphorus Generatorium.


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