Cult of Pure Form

Compiled by: Lexis Grayhame****
****Received: Inquisitor Lansard****
****Date: 322.816.M41****

Subject: The Blessed Covenant of the Pure Form, aka The Cult of Pure Form

Background: First encountered in the years following the Malygrisian Suppression, the Covenant is believed to have formed in reaction to the horrors perpetrated upon the Malfian sub-sector by followers of the tech-heretic Malygris.

Leadership: Unknown. Following the assassination of previous leaders during REDACTED, the cult no longer maintains a strict hierarchy. Efforts have been made to identify a definitive controlling power but so far these have been unsuccessful. Inquisitor Demechek has suggested that the term cult is incorrect and the persistence of the group suggests a shared ideology without a strict hierarchical structure, comparing them to the Pale Throng, who have also lost their leaders yet continue to be problematic to the sector at large. Unlike the Pale Throng, the Cult of Pure Form appear to have learned from their previous persecution and changed their modus operandi accordingly.

Broadly speaking there appear to be three distinct groupings within the cult: the Pure, the Shriven and the Reformed. The Pure are those who have never undergone cybernetic augmentation and appear to do most of the cult’s public work, such as petitioning planetary governments and also featuring in propaganda materials.

The Reformed are those who have been purged of their augmentation in favour of vat grown flesh. Usually identified by gross deformities such as mismatched skin tones and poorly proportioned limbs. They act as missionaries for the group and spend much of their time delivering sermons.

The Shriven are similar to the Reformed but have suffered to a much greater extent, often becoming debilitated by the removal of their cybernetics. Shriven are almost invariably deaf or blind but command extreme devotion amongst cult members, often being carried or led by attendants. They are revered as living icons, and most become martyrs when they finally succumb.

It appears that none of these groups are considered inherently superior to the other. Indeed the only concession toward rank or hierarchy appears to be based on the nature of the sacrifice made by an individual member: the greater the bodily sacrifice, the more respect afforded. The word of a Shriven may hold considerable weight but does not overrule either the Pure or the Reformed.

Area of Operations: Strong presence in middle-hive manufactoria districts and also in fringe scav-zones. The Covenant has strong roots in the Malfian sub-sector, but has spread as far as the Golgenna Reach: their first rally outside of the Malfian sub-sector was held in Hive Sibellus almost three standard years ago, but the group has so far has failed to gain political traction, most likely due to intense surveillance by the Divisio Immoralis. The group has been verified as active on the hive worlds of Alactra, Landunder and Vaxanide. Unconfirmed reports of presence on Mechanicus strongholds of Opus Macharia and Cyclopea.

Modus Operandi: Mostly rallies and picket-sermons of local manufactorums, including the distribution of inflammatory pamphlets. The group has been linked to acts of sabotage but most of these considered low level and a nuisance rather than a serious threat. Noisy and bombastic but not overtly militaristic like the Red Redemption. Some emphasis on corporeal mortification, but the group also encourages ritual calisthenics and the development of limited public health programs, something which has limited its appeal to planetary nobility. Cybernetics removed from members of the Reformed are supposedly destroyed in a ritual known as “The Purging”, often destroyed in large pyres using thermite or industrial explosives.

The group appears to maintain a sophisticated propaganda network which focuses on the distribution of pamphlets in literate mid-hive areas, along with the use of public vox and pict broadcasts. How the group has been able to subvert public broadcast systems has yet to be determined but hints at a hitherto unknown technical capability which merits further investigation.

Note: It would be a mistake to consider this group as simple neo-luddites, as is widely believed. Members retain a high level of technical ability and show little hesitation in using other forms of technology. The group’s hatred seems focused primarily on cybernetics.

Know Affiliates: Rumours persist of association with arteria dacoits and “cutter” gangs, though exact nature of this relationship is unknown. The group also has strong ties to the Iron Mission in the Malfian scav-zones (see subfile: CS.906572/IC/MissionariusFerrum/Malfi). The presence of sympathisers within the Officio Medicae or Orders Hospitaller seem likely but are so far unconfirmed. While the political elite of the Malfian sub remain indifferent, the group is believed to hold the tacit approval of several Ministorum officials, including the recently elected Archimandrite Lysander Dorian.

Cult of Pure Form

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