Inventory (Rowarke)

A List of Rowarke's Equipment


1x Full Hardened Body Glove (3AP all locations; -20 detection by Auspex, IR, etc…)

1x Mono Razor
1x Combat Knife (can be used as melee attachment)
1x Bolas
1x Creed-9 (Compact Autogun) w/ 60 normal rounds
1x .54 Tranter Hand Cannon w/ 32x normal and 15x dumdum rounds
1x Frag Grenade

Tools & Gear
1x Filtration Plugs, Photo-Contacts, Med-kit, Multikey, Stummer, Silencer, Manacles, Hand-Vox, Micro-bead
7x Stimm (6 from Kit), Some Obsura herbs

Penal Rags, Good Party Cloths, Performer’s White Mask, Jacket & Overalls, Explosive Collar, Skull Charm, Bloodsworn Ring, Chrono, Handheld Vox, Micro-bead, Load Bearing Harness, Lho-Sticks (Zecap Caltips, Embilion Blacklungs, Clove’s Best)

Wealth: 244 Thrones


Much of his belongings are looted or issued for the legion, with the exception of his skull charm which has been with him as far as his memory could remember. It is only recently that he has earned any money and purchased anything for himself. The few purchases though are mainly for Inquisitorial duties.

Inventory (Rowarke)

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