Rathos Malin

Imperial Psyker - Crazy white hair, tatty robes, cybernetic eyes, skinny


WS 31
BS 32
S 32
T 25
AG 32
INT 33
PER 29
WP 50 XX
FEL 28

Talents: Psy Rating 1, Quick Draw, Minor Psychic Power x6
Skills: Invocation, Literacy, Speak Language (Low Gothic), Trade (Merchant), Common Lore (Imperium), Forbidden Lore (Warp), Concealment, Awareness, Dodge
XP: 1850//1950

Armour: Quilted Vest, Carapace Arm Guards
Weapons: Civitas Laspistol, Autogun w/2 clips, Short Sword, Knife, Staff
Gear: Psy-Focus, Good Quality Party Clothes, Performer’s Mask


Something about being from a merchant family and hating them for giving him to the Black Ships.

Rathos Malin

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