Ortheo Bionda

Youngest son of House Bionda on Malfi


27 years old. Very fond of his elder brother Edorus. Earliest memory is playing with him in the arboretum of the family estate.

Served as a Tribune in the Malfian Civil Defence Legion until Edorus’ tragic demise in a tank accident. He subsequently resigned his commission and took solace in religion, eventually falling in with the resurgent Cult of Pure Form while on pilgrimage to the Shrine of Seventeen Martyrs.

Found in a mission out in the Western Scav-Zone, near an area known as “The Sink”. Scavenging and preaching by Ortheo and his followers led to conflict with Krasto Skounic, the so-called Cutter King, coming to a head in a pitched battle over a recovered stasis pod.

Ortheo, believed dead, was returned to his family by unnamed agents of the Malfian Blood Guild.

Ortheo Bionda

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