In Service of the Throne

The Acolytes head straight for the Asylum of St Vertiline in pursuit of the Viceroy. They are received coldly by the Sisters on the island, but allowed admittance as associates of the Bionda family.

They are met by the Prioress, who seems nonplussed at these unscheduled visitors. Nevertheless, Kadis works her charms, convincing the Prioress of her good intentions. She requests to meet with Sister Alia as she was praised highly by Lady Bionda for the quality of her care. The prioress concedes a brief meeting so long as Alia’s rounds are not disturbed.
While walking to through the complex, Kadis notices subtle clues in building’s architecture – Inquisitorial symbology – the Lidless Eye, the Torch of Truth, the Purging Hand.
Objective: Capture the Viceroy

Shortly afterward Rathos senses a psychic dampening field within the high security wing.

Gain a private audience with Sister Alia in the chapel. kadis distracts Alia with prayer, allowing Rowarke to approach unseen. Alia senses Rowarke at the last moment and recoils from him, snatching up a candlestick in defence. A prolonged struggle ensues as Alia tries to escape but she is eventually subdued and brought under Rathos’ influence.

They use Alia to unlock one of the cells and reveal a secret passage into a mind cleansing facility. Once Alia has been suitably restrained, the Acolytes confront the lone inhabitant, a tech-priest. after a brief struggle the tech-priest submits to interrogation.

The workshop contains a variety esoteric reading material (medical texts, The Animus Tracts), and an apparently well thumbed copy of In Defence of the Future: a Logical Discourse.

Proselytus reveals himself as an Omnissian apostate and an acolyte of the Inquisition, supposedly working for Inquisitor Galen. His research concerns the existence of the Praecursator Grid, a covert surveillance network of the AdMech. More shocking to the acolytes are his claims that a third of cybernetics are bugged.



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