In Service of the Throne

Chasing the SS Clusterfuck

After their bungled attempt to capture the viceroy from his mansion, the group find themselves separated.

Rathos narrowly escapes from an Arbite response squad and hides out at the Golden Scythe for word from his fellows.

Rowarke is washed two miles downriver before dragging himself to land. He re-establishes contact with Rathos but neither have heard from Kadis and all attempts to hail her meet with static.

Shortly before dawn Kadis awakens on the banks of the river, attended by an elderly boatman. Alfred leads her to the nearby village of Blackstrand, where Kadis learns of the viceroy’s flight and a sighting of his vessel just off the coast heading north-west. She uses all her sisterly authority to commandeer the long-range vox in the Administratum office to send a message to her fellows through her contact Agatha Voss.

Having re-established contact the group sets out in pursuit; Rathos and Rowarke take to the skies in their lighter, while Kadis commandeers a group of local fishermen led by Mad Jonah. A turbulent chase follows, the lighter almost crashing in the fog. Eventually they maneuvre themselves into position and Rowarke is able to attach a demolition charge to the ship’s hull.

Kadis uses her fishermen to round up the survivors, but there is no sign of the viceroy. After questioning the ranking officer present, they learn that the viceroy escaped from the ship before the charge went off, equipped with a rebreather. The acolytes knew where he would be heading – the asylum of st vertiline, only a few kilometres away and with their lighter they could easily head him off.



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