In Service of the Throne

Session Two

The Red Cages

After embarking on their journey aboard The Guiding Hand, something awful befalls the Acolytes. They awaken to find themselves within a blood soaked fighting ring as sport for ravening creatures. With some ingenuity and the help from a mysterious masked benefactor they make good their escape from the pit, heroically rescuing six others. They follow the trail left by their benefactor, little knowing that they would be entering the nightmare labyrinth of the Red Cages beneath Xicarph.

Leading their band of survivors, the Acolytes take the fight to the slavers. After many long hours in the dark tunnels and metal caverns, they succeed in finding the heart of the slaver’s operation. Though they are too late to stop the slaver’s leader from departing, they launch an assault. Using a small measure of stealth, combined with zeal, psychic powers and the aid of a decrepit power-lifter the Acolytes overcome the slavers and find the dying Inquisitor Karakalla. He warns them not to trust their masked benefactor, and makes them swear that they will stop whatever evil he may yet be planning.



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